The Cabin in the Woods

I got so busy this past weekend I forgot to tell you all about my successful, highly NON-disappointing excursion to see THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. I feel like it might almost be too late as you’ve probably heard the good news elsewhere but if I can convince one fence-sitter to go and check it out, then I’d like to give it a shot. Trouble is, if ever there was a movie you should know little or nothing about before seeing it, it’s this one. So how can I persuade you without wrecking the whole thing? I went twice. Does that work? As soon as the movie was over I checked when the next show time was and then I saw it again. Now, would I do that for a terrible movie? Frankly, yes I would, but you’re missing my point, I had to see THE CABIN IN THE WOODS twice because once was not enough to fully process its wonder. I can’t wait to own this movie because I need to pause it on a couple scenes and nibble every single pixel. I want to watch it with close captioning so that no word can elude me. AMY ACKER is in this. I love her.

So yeah, I may have a bit of a raging predisposition for CABIN too. The sad truth is that for years, while secretly mocking the world’s religions, I have also been hypocritically praying in the temple of JOSS WHEDON. I try to keep a lid on it. I know how it must sound but in the wee hours of the night when nobody’s around, I’m watching a BUFFY episode for the gazillionth time and experiencing euphoric highs while weeping and speaking in tongues. JOSS WHEDON’s face once appeared to me on an Eggo waffle. Ok that’s not true but it’s sort of basically true-ish. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, which WHEDON co-wrote with director DREW GODDARD (who also penned some of my favorite BUFFY episodes), justifies my reverence and is an accumulation of the type of genre smudging and creative cajoles that ignited my zealotry. This sermon is only an hour and a half rather than seven years so jump on the express train to glory my brothers and sisters. Halleluiah!

Also while you are in church shut up. You’re there to listen and observe not to try to figure it out before other people do or ponder the differences between what you thought it might be and what it is. Every horror fan should see this but those who bemoan sequels and remakes and wail for originality should be forced to see it at gunpoint. Be glad I’m not in charge because each ticket would also come with a mandatory ball gag. As a courtesy, I will soften expectations by saying this is not the type of thing you endure and then boast to your friends that it didn’t faze you because you’re so cool. It’s not trying to impress you with hackneyed depravity; it’s more of a boundary butcher that gets off on how limitlessly imaginative the genre could be if we stopped giving people what they want and start giving them what they need. CABIN is no way the be-all end-all. I enjoy many flavors to choose from and I’m not convinced that the rules and tropes it subverts need be fully abandoned. Still, in my eyes, this movie craftily climbs to a peak position where it can both revel in where horror has been and scout out the infinite possibilities ahead. Every New Testament should be this much fun.

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lee w.
lee w.(@lee-w)
9 years ago

I’ve got to second the love for this one! Saw it on Saturday, and it’s a blast. Even my non-horror-loving girlfriend (hey, we make it work) thought it was crazy fun.

9 years ago

I saw it last weekend, going in completely blind (I hadn’t even seen a trailer), and I adored it. Everyone who cares about horror as a genre should see “Cabin.” I ordered the behind-the-scenes book from Amazon this morning:

K.r. Seward
K.r. Seward(@fb100000303276823)
9 years ago

Re Whedonesque Whedonites:

Testify, Brother Unkle Lancifer! Testify!

9 years ago

The sheer audacity of the storytelling had my jaw on the floor most of the time. I also saw it a second time the following day. It is an awesome, INSANE roller coaster ride.

Lynette Fromme
Lynette Fromme(@lynette-fromme)
9 years ago


I liked how Japan’s scenario was so… J-horror-y. What was Stockholm’s scenario, was it Nazi serial killers? Would France have home invasions?

Eric Eddy
Eric Eddy(@fb100000792125902)
9 years ago

Is that hero cop Dan Stark that I see in the pictures?

I have to see it now.