Name That Trauma :: Reader Rose J. on Another Raggedy Ann Cameo


Thanks for the help with my last question! I tracked down a copy of A TASTE OF EVIL and it was the movie I was remembering! I thought it was great and I was reminded of another Raggedy Ann scene that stuck in my head, where the doll’s eye is hanging by a thread from its face. I don’t know if it was part of the opening credits. Apparently there were a number of traumatic scenes involving Raggedy Ann in the ’70s? Any clues to this one?


Rose J.

UNK SEZ: I have not a clue on this, but I will state that Raggedy Ann is a menace to society. Did you know that little trouble maker appeared in the very first Kindertrauma post EVER? I say, something about that doll just ain’t right. In fact, I found out she has a very traumatic origin story which can be read HERE. Plus, check out THIS GHOST STORY featuring the dreaded R.A. What more evidence do we need that Raggedy Anne is all types of loco?

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12 years ago

…and then there’s this little ginger nightmare

Syd in Boots
Syd in Boots
12 years ago

This site (found via the snopes messageboard):
has the origin tale as fiction.
That doll’s a trauma mine all on her own; IMO the origin story makes her *less* disturbing!