Name That Trauma :: Reader Ruth M. on a Ceiling Crawler


When I was little, that was early-mid ‘80s, I watched a trailer that traumatized me for years. I am Spanish but I remember it must have been either an American or English film. The images I still remember were of a blond woman under a tree with somebody else and then there was someone in a room (blond woman probably) and I remember she looked up and she saw a very pale woman with black hair on the ceiling, she either appeared there or was crawling on the ceiling.

I remember something like “The Lizard Woman” was mentioned in Spanish. Sorry it is such a brief description but I must have been 7 years old or so…even though that pale woman still haunts me I tell you.

P.S.: Also I remember the trailer had a very ‘70s soundtrack so it could have been a trailer of a late ‘70s flick.

Thank you,

Ruth M.

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11 years ago

Don’t know this.  If it was a late 1990’s movie I would have said “John Carpenter’s Vampires”.

unkle lancifer
11 years ago

It can’t be this can it?

Tommy V
11 years ago

I agree with FatherOfTears. That sounds like John Carpenter’s Vampires.
Thomas Ian Griffith has long hair in that movie and might have appeared to be a woman to a 7 year old.
I do remember some interesting exterior shots (the whole film was shot like a western) that might have had some trees in it, but I can’t be sure whether my memory is playing with me or not.