Name That Trauma :: Reader Shannon on a Disturbing Disney Flick

Hello again!

Thanks for naming my most mysterious past traumas! I’ve tossed a couple of tough ones your way and you never fail to name them. Before I get started on my newest one, did anyone ever manage to find the scary cymbals-monkey PSA? I’ve been looking for that thing since I read about it on your blog and thus far have come up dry.

This trauma has to do with a Disney film from the late ’70s, whose title sadly continues to elude me. It wasn’t an animated feature and the trailers featured a little girl with long dark hair and at some point there was a small (possibly man-made) waterfall. I think there may be a well in the film but can’t swear to it because the ad creeped me out so utterly that I never stayed in the room past the first few seconds.

Seems to me the girl’s hair was also in her face alot, kind of like Sadako/Samara in RINGU/THE RING. I think there was also a large flower somewhere in there but can’t swear to it, one of those huge pink things that’s used as a wrist corsage. The part of the trailer I saw had the girl standing in what may have been a garden. I remember telling my mom that Disney was making scary movies, which at the time I was pretty unhappy about. Now just about any horror rocks my stripey socks unless it’s done by UWE BOLL.

Does any of this sound familiar? I’d love to know what this is so I can revisit it.

Thanks in advance,


UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Special thanks to Pinchy for naming it with CHILD OF GLASS.

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Jami JoAnne Russell
11 years ago

I really want to say Escape To Witch Mountain except that girl is a blonde. However I think I remember a scene involving a flower in a vase that she or her brother bring back to life. But that could be from another movie or from the sequel Return To Witch Mountain.

Anyway I found a list on Wikipedia, each is separated by decade.

11 years ago

I think that Child of Glass (1978) might be the film you’re looking for, though I have no personal memory it, despite my family’s very early adoption of the Disney Channel. Bad news…no DVD anytime soon. Good news…it can be seen here:

Robert Sanchez
11 years ago

Maybe “The Watcher In The Woods”?

11 years ago

I watched some of it and yes – that’s it! Thanks again. Disney really should make more horror films (as opposed to films that are unintentionally horrifying, like Darby O’Gill and Pinocchio). There’s another one called The Watcher In the Woods that looks good too.

Once again, you guys rock. Thanks!

I knew I was going to the right place.