Name That Trauma :: Reader SK Duff of a Covered Trellis & Crying Fetus

It was probably a made-for-TV movie in the early '70s -- think it featured JOHNNY WHITAKER from FAMILY AFFAIR... Anyway the image/sound that stayed with me was this:

A backyard covered trellis with vines, etc. (very pretty) with a jar on a table that appeared to have a fetus in it that cried... VERY disturbing... don't remember anything else about the movie, but that image and sound are still with me over forty years later....

-- SK Duff

UNK SEZ: JOHNNY WHITAKER and a crying fetus in a jar? That's got to be 1972's SOMETHING EVIL which also starred SANDY DENNIS, DARREN McGAVIN and RALPH BELLAMY. SOMETHING EVIL has never found it's way to VHS or DVD which is kind of strange since it was directed by none other than STEVEN SPIELBERG. Check out our review HERE!

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unkle lancifer
12 years ago

12 years ago

That kid's hair is the scariest thing of all.