Name That Trauma :: Reader Stephen C. on a Muddy Monster

First off… great site. I spent 3 hours on it tonight.

I remember a movie I saw on T.V. when I was a kid in the late ’70s early ’80s. It was about a group of teenagers in the woods being attacked by a monster made of mud? I believe they were on an island in the woods? or by a large lake?

Any idea on the movie name?



UNK SEZ: Stephen C., that sounds very much like THE WORLD BEYOND A.K.A. THE MUD MONSTER! I don’t recall teenagers being involved but the action did take place on an island and the monster was most certainly made of mud. Check out our review HERE and the video below and tell us if it looks like it might be the one you’re seeking!

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12 years ago

That was it! Thanks so much… years of searching are over.

12 years ago

yes! yes! yes! this made for TV movie was one of three things in my childhood that had my parents giving me triple sec to drink before bed, just to get me unconscious. wow!