Name That Trauma:: Reader Tristan R. on an Evil Playground and a Creepy Clock Tower

I’m back,
After an unsuccessful attempt at uncovering my previous trauma I submit a new challenge!!! Please help, I don’t know if these are imaginings from the dark recesses of my mind or just TV shows/films whose images still plague me to this day!!! Ok, both would have been televised in the eighties:

First up,
Could have been a from a series or film – I recall some kind of evil playground, no obvious horror that I can remember but more an air of menace. For some reason I think the main character which could have been a young boy was fully aware that the playground held some secret but it wasn’t until dusk that this was fully realised? Could have been some kind of supernatural gang involved who frequented said ‘evil playground’!!!

And secondly,
I’m edging towards what could have been a ghostly children’s TV programme – all I remember is a girl and her family driving down some long and winding roads eventually passing what I remember as some kind of clock tower. I think the sighting of the clock tower triggered some kind of repressed memory in the girl like she knew she had seen it before regardless of what her parents told her? Again, another menacing secret. Did this happen to me or are these shows/films out there???

Thanks for the help with the last trauma but it still remains unearthed – It involves an architect, his female lover with red hair (a nude bath scene reminiscent of ophelia), a curse and some hallucinations of a scary individual appearing in a car windscreen or on top of car!

HELP, I’m still TRAUMATISED!!!!!


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9 years ago

Regarding the first one – maybe the 1985 Twilight Zone episode “Shadow Man”? It ends at a playground at night….

9 years ago

First one sounds like Ray Bradbury’s “The Playground”, which was adapted for ‘Ray Bradbury Theater’ in the mid-80’s, starring The Shatner.

YouTube here:

9 years ago

Definitely off-topic, but ‘Curandero – Dawn of the Demon’ is out in RedBox this week. Excellent, gory Mexican horror film from 2005 that no one ever saw.

9 years ago

Hey All, thanks for the responses! Unkle Lancifer – it’s not the one, I’m thinking Tales Of The Unexpected/Peter Greenaway vibes – sinister, arty and sexy BUT The Night Child looks like a hoot so i’ll give it a go!!!
Ray Bradbury’s Playground may have been my Trauma! Not really what i remebered but definately familiar none the less!!
And bdwilcox thanks, will check out your recommendation!!!

8 years ago

Amazing, I found this site and was just about to submit my own Name That Trauma about a creepy dark playground filled with evil children.

I saw it on HBO when I was about 7, my mom was taking a nap so I was all alone and turned it on somehow. Even though it was the middle of the day it scared the crap out of me. I remember not wanting to get off the couch because I was sure one of the kids would reach out and grab me.

I’ve been searching for it ever since I started to love horror movies, until I came here and saw Tychoanomaly’s post about The Playground!

Thank you!