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I’m loving your site!

I would have seen this in the early ’80s on public T.V., Philadelphia area — I think they were called “Creature Features” on Saturday afternoons (the intro graphic to the feature was a hand coming out of a grave, very low-budget).

I remember only one image from the movie: An old man sits slumped in a chair when suddenly his eye pops out, and hangs by “a string” on his shirt. I remember routinely begging my mom to let me watch horror movies, and always getting, “No.” This time I sneakily turned it on. After seeing this scene, I wound up running in the other room, burying my face in my hands, and screaming NO. Now that’s some trauma.

I imagine it is just random grindcore crap from the ’70s. It was very grainy/yellow. For twenty-five years I have wanted to know what it is.

Runner-up traumas involve TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE (I can recite the intro from memory even today).



AUNT JOHN SEZ: Will, the program you are thinking of was called CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE with the pan in on the picture of the haunted house with the rubber-gloved monster hand popping out of a grave. The title of the movie though, I do not know. If anyone does, please leave a comment or send us an email.

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