Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt)

Howdy Kindertrauma readers, it's your Unkle Lancifer here writing to you from the Lone Star State where I am visiting my folks. By the time this is posted I will probably be back at Kindertrauma Castle, but I just had to write to you about a couple things. First of all, I miss you guys and apparently believe that you all live inside specifically MY computer and not my mother's lap top from which I write to you now. Weird huh? Also, I've been digging up in my parent's attic and I found a bunch of great old horror paraphernalia that I hope to drag back and share with you soon. The real reason I'm writing to you now though, at exactly 2:13 in the morning is because I just finished a super great movie that I'm really excited about and can you believe my dear mother was the one to find it?

There we were at the local hemorrhaging video store and I was grabbing just about every horror flick I could get my paws on and my mom hands me something called COLD PREY. Now the cover of the DVD is awful (Anchor Bay you should know better!) but the back sounded intriguing and since it was a snowbound horror flick, which I have a fondness for, I decided to give it a whirl and guess what...I LOVE COLD PREY!

Now the film is a couple years old (2006) and forgive me if I am totally out of the loop, but how did this sucker get past me? I just checked it out on imdb and it seems that its hype was pretty big, but truly I had never heard of this one or it just didn't stick if I had. Maybe I've walked past the DVD a million times and just ignored it because, like I said, the cover is stink-o.

COLD PREY is from Norway and the set up is by the book classic slasher with a group of groovy kids getting stranded and being hunted down by a crazed maniac. The beauty part is that it is done so well. It's wonderfully shot and the location, an isolated ski lodge surrounded by post card snowscapes, is incredible. Here's a thing too, I loved all the actors in it. They're not the Hollywood type that look like they have been dipped in caramel and nursed on latte bottles, they're all normalish and I wouldn't run away from them if I saw them in the street. The female lead simply ruled. She ran the gambit from breaking down emotionally to mustering up the chutzpa without ever being over the top infallible or cartoon Amazon. It's seriously suspenseful too. There is little gore but you feel the damage the characters endure thanks to the knowing hand of the director. Be warned though it is pretty formulaic but much like the formula of nestle quick plus milk, the end result is hooray for you!

If you are not a slasher fan then COLD PREY probably will not do much to convert you, but if you are I think that it's a must see flick. I for one am going to buy a copy as soon as possible. Even though Anchor Bay scratched on the cover art they do supply plenty of yummy extras like a making of doc, music vids and trailers/T.V. spots (as is their way). I know that my aversion to snarking it up all over the place may have some of you thinking that I'll roll over for any flick that scratches my belly, but trust me,COLD PREY is neo slasher heaven.

O.K. I guess that will do for now, sorry I didn't look up the director's or actors names on imdb (D.I.Y.S.), but like I said it's late at night and I just wanted to drop you guys this dose of enthusiasm before it waned. Now I'm off to get some shut eye or maybe raid the fridge (my parents love Super Pretzels too, can you believe it?)

Unk L

ALSO: So sadly out of it am I, that I just found out that a sequel to COLD PREY was released in 2008. Man, who knew you could actually miss out on stuff by living in the past?

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14 years ago

I have a major crush on that Viktoria Winge actress.  I am adding this to my queue directly… and not just b/c of her but b/c of your enthusiasm as well.

BTW… I thought I felt some weird presence here in Texas this past weekend.  It was nice to know you were here. 

14 years ago

I just caught COLD PREY last week, and I thought it was fantastic too.  For one thing, unlike most slasher movies, I actually really liked all of the characters and I felt bad when it finally came time for them to die.  Also there's a point in the movie when it feels less like a slasher movie and more like survivalist horror, because these kids are smart and fight back as well as they can.  (And it's nice to see a Scandinavian film that doesn't look like it was shot in an IKEA in 1984.)