Traumafessions :: Reader Ally G. on Logos

Here is a traumafession of mine. When I was growing up the old TRISTAR, STEPHEN J. CANNELL and UNIVERSAL logos used to scare the living daylights out of me!

I used to think that the TRISTAR horse would charge towards me.

I hated the loud music that came with the S.J.C. logo so I’d always hide during the end credits of THE A-TEAM.

And that UNIVERSAL logo just looked really spooky with all that mist surrounding it! I’m fine with the current COLOMBIA/TRISTAR logo and the current UNIVERSAL logo – it’s the old ones that give me the creeps. I still have to skip through them watching UNIVERSAL SOLDIER and DUEL!

UNK SEZ: Don’t worry Ally G., you’re not ALONE!

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13 years ago

You know what logo made me feel uneasy? The ITC one. Maybe because of the things that weirded me out on “The Muppet Show” that I associate with this logo…

I’m actually kind of glad this doesn’t show up in the season sets…