Name That Trauma:: Ruben V. on a Tree Contraption Death

Hey there,

I stumbled upon your website the other day after seeing a Facebook post. I’ve been enjoying the content, and even found a few movies I may check out. I noticed that you, as well as your fans have a deep knowledge of horror flicks and I was wondering if you could possibly pin down a movie that I only remember one exact scene from, which is quite brief, but ill give it a shot. It was on TV I believe when I was a kid (early to mid ’90s possibly) and all I remember is a man running in the woods away from something/someone. He then leans against a tree and a vice contraption goes over his eyes and squeezes them. I’m not sure if this is completely made up or an actual film, but if you possibly know of a film similar to what was described that would be great. Thank you for posting great content, and I will be continuing to follow your posts.

Take care

-Ruben V.

UNK SEZ: Thanks, Rubin! I’m glad you found us! I may be wrong but that sounds like the death of Eddie Kelso in FRIDAY THE 13th: A New Beginning. Strangely, I just watched that the other night! Check it out HERE and let us know if that’s the case. Otherwise, we’ll keep looking. If any of our readers can think of any other possibilities, please comment!

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3 years ago

Hey guys, Ruben here! I am literally shocked at this post. I saw the email and said no way, but when I clicked on the link and scrolled and saw the last screen shot, my jaw dropped to the floor. This is the exact scene and I want to thank you guys for finding it so quickly. I now can go watch this film and confront it in it’s entirety. Thank you all again, and keep up all the amazing content!