Name That Trauma Solved:: Charles P. of Young Monsters on Guess Who’s Just Moved In Next Door?

Hi hi! I first wrote to the Kindertrauma site in 2010 about “Night of the Lepus” and other films. (HERE)

I am writing again now for I recall someone, around that same time, trying to find out the name of a children’s monster book that featured tons of worried monsters who all lived on the same street and were suspicious of their new neighbors who had just moved in…At the time I remembered having the book but it was on the other side of the country in storage at my parent’s house so I couldn’t remember the name of it or anything specific!

I am not sure if it has since been identified by others on the site, but…In case it hasn’t I have just posted about it on my blog for I finally went back home and found it. The book is called ‘Guess Who’s Just Moved in Next Door?’ It’s by Colin McNaughton and it features tons of great monster drawings.

I devoted two blog posts to it HERE and HERE!

I hope this helps!


UNK SEZ: Thanks very much Charles! That Name That Trauma from reader Kathryn (HERE) was never solved! Nice of you to remember!

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke
10 years ago

That book looks AWESOME! Must get.

Drew Bludd
Drew Bludd
10 years ago

I had a very similar book growing up.

It was one of those “Where’s Waldo” knockoffs where you had to find the main character (young siblings, I think. Or maybe just a young girl..) as well as a chart of several hidden objects.

I think definitely monster themed – a party at Dracula’s castle. Every page was a different room in the castle – one Mummy themed, one Frankenstein themed, etc.

I wish I still had it. Maybe someday I will write to you of my family playing “Shrieks & Creaks” (featuring Zacherley knockoff Sir Simon Shriek) by candle light.