Name That Trauma:: Steven V. on a Wind-Up Killer Robot

There was a film that’s opening so terrified me as a child that I could even get past the opening credits. I have searched, googled and asked people about it for yers, but NO-ONE I talk to in my age group (45) remembers anything remotely similar.

I remember it being a B&W movie (not a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode), but it very well could have been a muted color on TV. A housewife comes home at night and pulls into the driveway, then it cuts to a walking wind up toy robot with that winding sound, then she gets into the garage, cut to the walking wind up toy robot, she gets out bags, walking wind up toy robot and this back and forth goes on a bit, when she finally gets into the house the screen goes black and you hear her scream and then the movie title…

That is about all I can remember, but I would love to see it again and watch it all the way through, even though I have a phobia of small inanimate objects like dolls (Zuni Dolls in particular) coming to life!

Thanks for any help!

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7 years ago

If I’m not mistaken, it’s the opening to Astro-Zombies. It’s not B&W, but the color is definitely muted. And it has the wind-up robot and screaming woman carrying things from the car, but if it is Astro-Zombies, you’re probably better off not watching it all the way through.