Sunday Punishment For Not Seeing Mad Max: Fury Road :: Solarbabies (1986)

There are an infinite amount of realities occurring at the same time. Somehow I’m trapped in a reality where PITCH PERFECT 2 trounced MAD MAX: FURY ROAD at the box office. I’m so ashamed of my country right now. Oh well, let’s make this a teachable moment and focus on the fact that financial success does not constitute quality and that sometimes you have to forgo popularity to remain awesome as hell. Still, it’s a world gone mad in my opinion and not mad in a good way and that’s why I think everybody who didn’t go see MAD MAX: FURY ROAD should stand up and be accountable and willingly subject themselves to the abject atrociousness that is SOLARBABIES. I know it’s harsh but how else will you learn?

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8 years ago

I always thought the fact that they skate around in a pebble and sand filled environment was really idiotic.

Dr. Kaiju
8 years ago

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road instead. I declare it the most metal film ever!

I remember being outraged by Solarbabies when seeing it on VHS, I just hated it. Probably the skates.

8 years ago

Solarbabies and not Prayer of the Rollerboys, eh?