Name That Trauma:: T. Vexter on a Burnt Skin Girl and a Heating Duct

Ok, these two may be from the late ’70s – early ’80s, and may have been television shows or movies.

My memory is quite limited, but I will share what I can recall, and hopefully you can help so I can revisit my kindertrauma!

The first show had a little girl, about 10-years-old, and she had burnt up ashy skin. Can’t recall the background… Wicker Man? Village of the Damned???

The second (again with limited memories) had something to do with hiding the body of a girl in a heating duct or something….possibly in a large mill or factory… For some reason I feel that the name “Eleanor” was connected to this, somehow.

I know it isn’t very much to go off, but it scared me enough to have created a block about any further details!!!

Please help if you can!!!


-T Vester

UNK SEZ: Thanks for writing in T. Vester! I’ve only got guesses for you today but I guess that’s O.K. ‘cuz guesses are movie titles and movie titles are what we eat for breakfast around here. Even if they are wrong, they might give somebody an idea of what to watch next or maybe just joggle a memory or two. The first one instantly made me think of EYES OF FIRE (1983) because that has a kid with a charred face in it (see image above) but maybe that one has just been on my mind a lot lately because of that scary trailer for THE WITCH

The second I have no clue about but it did make me think of FRIENDSHIPS, SECRETS AND LIES (1979) the notorious TV movie in which a baby skeleton is found in a demolished sorority house and the suspects include folks like LORETTA SWITT and TINA LOUISE. Hopefully one of our learned readers will have a better guess. Anybody got any ideas?

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