Sunday Streaming:: Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1987)

Ssssssh! Let’s watch something that we’re not supposed to watch. As long as Richard Carpenter is not a regular reader of Kindertrauma, I think we can totally get away with this. Have you ever seen TODD HAYNES’ lil’ masterpiece SUPERSTAR: The Karen Carpenter Story that is based on the life and times of the tragic genius KAREN CARPENTER? It’s so cool because all the actors are dolls and even more strange is just how creepy and moving it ends up being. Sadly this 44-minute slice of brilliance will probably never have a proper release because of all the musical licensing mumbo jumbo and the fact that Richard Carpenter is not a fan of the content in any way, shape or form. But my advice is you should check it out on the down low anyway because at the end of the day, art is more important than all that other stuff and you don’t want to go about the rest of your life having missed out on this singular experience. I dunno, I get the Carpenters on my mind every year around this time due to their contribution to Christmas music and I think we can learn a lesson from poor Karen’s inability to give herself a break and realize how cool she was in the first place. So let’s watch this but whatever you do, keep it quiet!

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7 years ago

This was one of those “holy grail” films I’ve always wanted to see! Now with youtube and other sources (cough cinemageddon cough) it’s a click away! Only thing left is
that Jerry Lewis Holocaust clown film…oh and maybe I’ll find a pristine reel of ,”London After Midnight” at a
rummage sale! Then I’ll be hailed a film hero!