Name That Trauma :: Reader Tim B. on Clowns Under Siege & a Prison Plunger

1. In my grandparents’ basement in the late-’80s, I watched the end of a movie where two men, one wearing a horrifying clown costume, are holed up in an old farmhouse that is under siege by, I think, the police. The clown guy is hanging out a window shooting a rifle. Before the shootout scene I think these guys had murdered the house’s occupants. And, though I can’t be at all sure of this, I believe the movie ended with a title card saying that the dramatized events were based on real events that happened in Texas. The clown guy haunted my thoughts for years after.

2. This one was truly traumatic: At a sleepover around the same time I watched a late-night movie set in a juvenile prison for girls. There is a horrible scene where one of the imprisoned is raped with the handle of a toilet plunger by a group of other girl prisoners. Just thinking about it still makes my skin crawl.

Thanks folks!

UNK SEZ: Thanks for the NTT, Tim B! I know the identity of your second one for sure. That has to be the LINDA BLAIR 1974 TV movie BORN INNOCENT. I know because that plunger scene clogged my brain too. The second one I’m less sure of but I’m leaning towards 1976’s THE CLOWN MURDERS which featured JOHN CANDY in an early role. It’s got clowns, rifles, a farmhouse and cops but does not close with a title card stating it’s based on actual events so I may be wrong. If anybody has any other ideas, please let us know! In the meantime both flicks are on YouTube, so I’ll place them below…

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Tim B.
Tim B.
8 years ago

Nailed them both: thanks Unk!

Now, to watch or not to watch…