Name That Trauma:: Todd J. on a Detergent Eating Baby and a Gabby Sitter

Greetings! Just found your site! PLEASE help me locate a vital traumatic film from my youth. Back in ’72 when I was in second grade we had to watch a classroom safety film of sorts in which a nice, suburban couple goes out for the evening and hires a negligent babysitter to watch their toddler…the babysitter ends up gabbing on the phone while her toddler charge eats detergent. You guessed it. The kid chokes to death tho’ the babysitter doesn’t seem to notice. The parents come home and the kid is dead in his crib. This film scared the living CRAP out of me! I went home totally scared of detergent and soap!!! Took me forever to allow soap around my mouth! To reinforce my fears there was a story in the National Enquirer soon thereafter about a kid named Stevie who ate detergent and had to eat the rest of his life with a feeding tube. My favorite book on classroom films, Mental Hygiene, doesn’t seem to list anything like it. Any ideas???

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