Name That Trauma:: Tom P. on a Canine Spared Fire Safety Film

I am trying to find the title to a fire safety film that was filmed in the late 1960s, and I saw it in 1976. It shows an entire family of four being killed in a house fire, with only the dog surviving.

Do you know the name of this film? I think it is a good film to really drive home the importance of smoke detectors.

Best Regards,

Tom P.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Tom! I could not find your fire safety film myself but I did stumble across this PSA starring the great VINCENT PRICE! I’m surprised we’ve never gotten a traumafession for this one so I’m posting it here while we search for your NTT!

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Tom P.
Tom P.
3 years ago

Here is some additional information to make that film easier to locate:

It can be found on YouTube under the title “Fire Prevention and the Home” or “Fire Prevention and the Home (1967)”. Both are from Prelinger Archives of San Francisco.