Name That Trauma:: Tomb on a Creepy Masked Public Access Couple

This might have been shown West coast/California. Public access show early 90’s Produced in Southern California, but shown on my local San Francisco public access.

This couple inside a home would wear these muppet style masks and, for example, reminisce about the 60’s. They’d be talking then it would cut to an exterior shot of them dancing in slow-motion to “Groovy Kind Of Love” still in masks …… yiiiihhh

Mind you, I think they were trying to be funny; they’d put on these weird, twerpy cartoon voices. It didn’t work. It just had that unintentional (or maybe intentional) creepiness.

It was like New Zoo Review meets Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman meets VIDEODROME.

The title of the show had a weird name muffkins? mushies?mooshies? I’m not making this up, it happened… like a giant millipede crawling on your face


UNK SEZ: Stop the presses! This NTT has been solved by TOMB himself! Check out Tomb’s trauma (UNWIND WITH THE SWEETIES) in the video below (at around 12:25) …if you dare.

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