Traumafession:: Allison G. on Baron Samedi in Live and Let Die

Hi guys.

My movie trauma is the ending of the James Bond film Live and Let Die. I have never got over seeing Baron Samedi on the front of the train, laughing his head off! Just no!

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5 years ago

This struck a primal nerve with me as a kid as well; I wrote about it on this site as my earliest film that scared me
If I had to re-examine it, the entire movie was unsettling, or at least a one-off bizarre vibe from the cut and dry spy-tech-guns trope of a James Bond film.
We saw it at the community swimming pool on a screen over the water on a hot, sterile night it the 70’s when I was young. It was one of those nights you sweat outside…..and everyone in the movie was sweating as they ran about in the jungles and bayous on their voodoo caper.
Sweat, sweat, sweat…..skulls, snakes , crocodiles and tarot cards. Whisper, Tee-Hee, and The Baron.
Throw in the grisly comic-death of Kananga inflating to the ceiling and exploding after being force fed some kind of compressed air pellet., and I can’t help but think this is exactly what kindertrauma is all about!

What a walk home that was….