Name That Trauma:: Woody Monster on Sand Sharks & Pizza Trees

We meet again, it seems.

I sought the help of Kindertrauma before, and I need your help again identifying a movie. I don’t remember very much of it, or even when I saw it. I do remember it was a preteen adventure movie in the same vein as The Goonies and Sandlot. Sadly the only scene I can remember is a sandy area with a bunch of trees. Pizza trees to be exact, trees that grew pizza slices like fruit. The sand wasn’t very pleasant for it had these sand shark/lizard type creatures that popped their heads out when it was time to feast. Two protagonists (I think) climbed a pizza tree to escape the sand shark monsters and one of them had this brilliant idea to stick their bubble gum wad on a pizza slice. So they threw it on the ground and the monster ate it up, getting it’s mouth gunked up with bright pink bubble gum and giving the protagonists a chance to escape.

You’re the only ones I could describe this to and not be looked at like I’m a loon. I know it’s a real thing, I just can’t remember what the hell it is. The sand monsters instilled a fear in the younger me, and I was convinced I had carpet monsters!

This one might be a challenge to identify, but if anyone can do it I know y’all can.

Thank you kindly,

Woody Monster

UNK SEZ: Welcome back Woody! This one is a little after my time but I dug around and found it! You’re talking about 1995’s MAGIC ISLAND! It stars ZACHERY TY BRYAN (HOME IMPROVMENT, THE RAGE: CARRIE 2) and from what I’ve read, it’s got a bit of a cult following brewing. How could it not with that pizza tree guarding sand shark?

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