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Friday the 13th Super Mega Funhouse

September 13th, 2013 by unkle lancifer · 9 Comments

It’s Friday the 13th! Time for an impossible FRIDAY THE 13th funhouse quiz! Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

1. One and only one of the 40 folks pictured is NOT from a FRIDAY film. What is the number of the person who does not belong?

2. What is the name of the horror movie sequel that the person who does not belong is from?

3. What is the number of the character who said “They’re all yours!”?

4. What is the number of the character who said “Jason Voorhees? You’re outta your fucking mind. You’ve been out in the sun too long. Jason Voorhees is dead! His body was cremated. He’s nothing but a handful of ash!”?

6. What is the number of the person who was nominated for 4 Academy Awards?

7. What’s the number for the person who was also a stunt coordinator for THE NESTING, ALONE IN THE DARK, SCREAM FOR HELP & SLEEPAWAY CAMP?

8. What is the number of the person who said “We don’t accept no food stamps!”?

9. What is the number of the actor who also appeared in THE EXTERMINATOR (1980)?

10. Who ate a banana?

11. Who said “Welcome to New York.”?

12. What is the number of the character who said “Some folks sure got a strange idea of entertainment.”?

13. How many people can you connect with their appropriate FRIDAY THE !3TH (1-8) film (excluding the lone impostor from another series)? Good Luck! Today you’ll need it!

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6 years ago

argh not 35. 32.. The lovely Ms Swank.

6 years ago

Is question 1 number 35. question 2 sometimes they come back again?

6 years ago

Unless, of course, “ate the banana” is a new euphemism, like “bought the farm” or “bit the dust.” As in, “On June 29, 1967, Jayne Mansfield ate the banana.”

6 years ago

Actually, I’m calling a technicality. She didn’t have time to eat the banana, right? So it’s a trick question. In fact, no one ate the banana.

6 years ago

Went through the list of questions with little hope. Then I saw, “Who ate the banana?” And I instantly remembered the half-eaten banana falling out of the hitchhiker’s mouth. And I said to myself, “35 ate the banana! 35 ate the banana!” Got all excited to contribute. Clicked and scrolled down. Then I read at the very top, “The Banana one is easy.” Crushed.

6 years ago

I went into this thinking “Awesome, I’ll rule this!” But nope…it’s tough! Still awesome though.

4. 36?

8. 6? I know it’s from Part 3

10. 35

11. 11

12. 7

13. Okay:

2 – Part 8
3 – Part 2
4- Part 3
7 – Part 6
9 – Part 1
11 – Part 8
12 – Part 4
19 – Part 1
22 – Part 1
23 – Part 3
28 – Part 6
30 – Part 5
31 – Part 2
35 – Part 4
36 – Part 6
37 – Part 1
39 – Part 1

Amanda By Night
6 years ago

The Banana one is easy. That’s #35.

Welcome to New York: #11

We don’t take no food stamps is Vera, #29 (boy, she looks like Marta Dubois!).