Name That Trauma:: Xaero on a Purple Puppet Swallowed by a Whale

Hi, it’s Xaero again. I’m the one from way back who was traumatized by the hamster in acid on Celebrity Deathmatch. There’s something even more elusive bothering me this time. I’m not sure if you guys accept old 90’s edutainment games as traumatizes but that’s exactly what’s been bothering me.

I want to say this game was based off of a TV show because there were live-action puppet clips interspersed with the games and craft ideas. I recall there being a lighthouse and a purple or maybe white bird puppet. The scene in question that traumatized me at a very young age (now I just find it cool and want to see it again) was the purple bird had somehow gotten swallowed whole by a whale and was singing a song in its stereotypically cartoony ribcage stomach. I want to say the song was slower paced. If it helps any, the types of games were all ocean-related (I remember one where you had to dodge 3 electric eels to grab a treasure) and two of the crafts were “Ugfuzz” (A kind of egg-carton and lint monster) and “Dinosaur Eggs” (Basically nasty, vinegar-soaked Easter eggs).

I search through my storage nearly every weekend and can never find it. I’ve never seen a computer game as a NTT before and it appears my own mother has gotten rid of it at one of her garage sales. If anyone, anyone at all could help me find out what this was, or what show the clip was from, I would be eternally grateful.

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