Name That Trauma:: XX on an Cook Cracking Egg

I am wondering if you could help me find this clip. I remember some time between 1983 and 2000 there was a Sci-Fi channel ad for the channel that featured a cook and an egg. There is an old song playing in the background and some of the lyrics were β€œOn stormy sea”… The cook nervously takes an egg out of the fridge and places it on the counter and starts to chop something up. The egg wobbles on the edge of the counter and he has a look of horror as the egg falls to the floor. He tries to catch it but falters and then the guy falls to pieces instead of the egg.

Did this exist or did I imagine it? I would love to see this short clip again. Thanks for the help.

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Chuckles72 (@chuckles72)
6 years ago

This actually sounds very familiar. Didn’t Sci Fi run a bunch of similar ads with surprising twists like this? Could not track it down but again, sounds familiar.

Radagast83 (@radagast83)
6 years ago

I remember that commercial too. It may have played a lot on the Sci Fi Channel, but it was actually for a mid-90s PC game called “OBSIDIAN”.