Name That Trauma :: Reader Cathy on a Sexy Smell

Dear Fellow Horror-Heads,

Back when I was in middle school (and on through high school), I used to frequent this little mom and pop video store that was chalk full of horror VHS tapes (ah, the good ol' days!). I had always been a fan of horror movies, but this little hole in the wall video store opened my eyes to the likes of NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, KILLER PARTY, etc. I was in horror heaven (or hell depending on how you wanna look at it!). So many gems from the ‘70s and ‘80s! Some awesomely good and some so awesomely horrible that I just had to watch them another thirty or forty times just to be sure they were awesomely horrible (and sometimes to memorize the lines! Shut it! I'm weird. I'm allowed.)

For the last couple years I've been trying to remember the name of one of the movies I rented oh so long ago, but I haven't the slightest clue where to begin the search because I don't remember much about the movie. It had a very generic storyline, I believe. Group of high school or college kids decide to frequent an old house, bloody hi-jinks ensue.

There was a particularly traumatizing moment in the movie that, young as I was, just made my eyes bug out as I asked myself, "The hell?" At some point during the storyline, two people get lost in the house for a little nudge-nudge, wink-wink, zonk-zonk. That's not the part that traumatized me though.

Sometime after that couple got lost for a little horror movie lovin', a group of girls (and I don't remember if these girls were onto the fact that everyone was dying yet or not) went up to look for them. The thing that struck me as horrifying was that one of the girls, as they were walking up the stairs, said it smelled like sex.

Say what?

Yes, sex. I, hormonal and not too bright, was all like, "Oh my blazing bounty chickens, what in the world does sex SMELL like?"

To someone who didn't know any better, completely terrifying!

Anyway, I was wondering if my fellow horror-heads had any idea what this movie is called. I would love to get my hands on a copy.


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13 years ago

Admit it, Aunt John – you loved posting this one because of where the Interweb searches take ya, right?
I always thought this was what sex smelled like, and it is utterly horrifying –

13 years ago

I know this isnt it but for some reason HOUSE OF WAX with Paris Hilton popped into my head. You have to think any movie shes in smells like sex and money , right? Hahahaha!

Or as the "old song" goes "I Smell Sex And Candy Here….."

13 years ago

For some reason Hell Night popped into my head, but that's probably not right, and even if it was, I don't wanna watch it again to find out. I love the House of Wax remake, though, that one I could watch over and over again.

13 years ago

I want to say this is from Gloulies, starring Jack Nance aka Henry, with one of the greatest/cheesy laughs at the end.