Night Of The Creeps


 I’ll be honest with you, there’s no way on earth I could be objective about a film that features both TOM ATKINS and a zombie cat. Even if this movie was utter crap, I’d still love it. Fortunately, this film is anything but. It’s well known to many that NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, though not the most well-known classic, is a classic none the less. FRED DEKKER, who also helmed MONSTER SQUAD, may not have had laurels chucked at his head during the time he was actively filmmaking, but over the years, he has grown to be thought of as one of the great unheralded horror directors of the eighties. Other movies may have made more moolah, but his flicks are loved and I mean passionately. N.O.T.C. opens in outer space with midget aliens littering some tube of toxic crap upon our fair planet in 1950. After a few bars of “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and a black and white axe murder, we zoom to the present day circa 1986. Here we touch base with every known and adored ’80s teen film cliché known to man. A dork (JASON LIVELY) loves a girl with a preppy snob boyfriend and will do anything to win her attention. In this case, he’ll have to do some body snatching. The body snatched is contaminated with that alien funk from the ’50s, and chaos, gore, action and comedy ensues. TOM ATKINS lends a hand as a hard boiled type who has previous experience with these sluggy, zombie-creating creatures from beyond and a holster filled with brilliant, perfectly timed one-liners. (I would say that this is ATKINS best performance ever, but I’m afraid that THE FOG and HALLOWEEN 3 will beat me up after school.) Besides being host to some truly endearing characters (JILL WHITLOW dressed to the nines carrying a blowtorch, STEVE MARSHALL as a put upon pal) and highly quotable dialogue (“Thrill me!”), N.O.T.C. navigates the horror/comedy balancing act with an ease that should be studied before being attempted by others. Unlike most alleged horror/comedies, the humor is never self-deprecating or cynical and always knows its place is in line behind characterization, suspense and exploding heads.indelible scenes

  • The opening scene aliens deserve a movie of their own. So does the, “Screaming like banshees” janitor.
  • What’s not to like about a movie whose main characters go to Corman University, whose last names are Romero, Carpenter-Hooper and Cronenberg, and are aided by cops Landis and Raimi? Extra-bonus points for the DICK MILLER cameo.
  • I’ll be honest; there are too many indelible scenes to report. The whole second half is back-to-back incredible scenes. Even the scenes that didn’t make the final cut are great. Check out an alternative and superior ending HERE.



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15 years ago

Is this one out on DVD yet? I know for years fans of this and The Monster Squad were crying for a release, and MS finally got its due last year. I didn’t hear about any similar fanfare for a NOTC release though.

13 years ago

The DVD is listed on Amazon, but the release date keeps getting pushed back. I even took part in some kind of survey where you can pick one of two candidates for the box art. This is a celluloid present for all those people who think eating at The Sci-Fi Drive In at Disney World is cool. You know who you are. I don’t really care what the other people think. This movie’s gold from start to finish! It had me screeeeaaaming like a banshee!