Official Traumatot:: Pamelyn Ferdin

    PAMELYN FERDIN was the queen of child actresses in the seventies and her credits are extensive. She lent her voice to Lucy in many a CHARLIE BROWN special, jumped onto the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE in STAR TREK and even took time out to DISS JAN’S WIG on THE BRADY BUNCH. Several of her credits fall into the horror/thriller camp. A television movie with RAY MILLAND called DAUGHTER OF THE MIND, plus theatrical titles like THE BEGUILED, THE MEPHISTO WALTZ, WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH HELEN?, and when she was a bit older, cult favorite THE TOOLBOX MURDERS. Her recognizability may have cost her the chance of being the ultimate horror icon though, she lost the role of Regan in THE EXORCIST when it was decided the film required an unknown. (The role went to fellow animal rights activist LINDA BLAIR) She may have missed her opportunity to vomit on a priest, but we here at Kindertrauma recognize a traumatot when we see one, so here’s to you Pamela. Sorry we never got to see your head spin!

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    14 years ago

    This Traumatot was also in a very creepy episode of Colombo. She played a dead girl that a medium kept bringing up in seances. I forget the rest but I have never forgotten her face as it appeared in a mist over the seance table. Colombo, of course, figured out that the image was just a movie that was projected on a cloud of some aerosol spray stuff.

    Thomas Beiter
    11 years ago

    And let’s not forget possibly her greatest voiceover work as Fern in Charlotte’s Web. Okay, not very scary, unless you were Wilbur. I did cry at the end when Charlotte died. Even at 4 I was ashamed to cry at such blatant emotional manipulation.