The Mephisto Waltz


 It’s easy to see why Satanists love the Devil so damn much. The Devil lets you do cool things like switch bodies with the young when you’re getting a little long in the tooth. With a planet full of possible vessels, it is hard to believe that someone would choose Myles Clarkson (ALAN ALDA) as their new flesh-suit but, according to THE MEPHISTO WALTZ, ol’ Hawkeye has some pretty awesome digits on his hands and they’re just perfect for not long for this world devil worshiper/piano-man Duncan Ely (CURT JURGENS). Ely, who enjoys making out with his daughter Roxanne (BARBARA PERKINS), is kind enough to show his chosen mark an extravagantly bacchanalian lifestyle before the big switch-a-roo, all to the chagrin of Myles’ suspicious wife Paula (JACQUELINE BISSET).With the aid of some blue-tinted, supernatural GALAXY GLUE, all of Ely’s and his evil daughter’s plans effortlessly come to fruition and the switch is made. However, the Devil does not offer services for free. Mere worship won’t get you or Ely a cup of coffee, so a human sacrifice is thrown into the mix in the form of dubious ALDA-BISSETT offspring Abby (supremo seventies child actress PAMELYN FERDIN). Paula puts the pieces together thanks to her husband’s newfound uncharacteristic love making skills and some recurring psychedelic dreams that barely stop short of spelling it out for her. With the members of her once happy family either very dead or floating in FREAKY FRIDAY-land, Paula decides to fight fire with fire and make her own bargain with the big guy downstairs. This NIGHT GALLERY-esque soapy gothic would have benefited from a more virile lead than ALDA, but it’s more than idiosyncratic enough to keep your interest. Beware the final frame though, it will leave you hanging like a fern in a macramé plant holder!indelible scenes

  • He thinks he’s people! The evil black dog puts a human mask on at the crazy New Year’s “Dress As Your Favorite Animal” shin-ding!
  • Ely’s evil plans include buying everything at Paula’s swanky ’70s boutique!
  • Note to self: Never let anyone make a plaster mask of your face!
  • “We could use a new brand of scotch. This tastes like a poor man’s kilt.”
  • Roxanne’s ex-husband knows too much and ends up all dead at the bottom of a beach accessible staircase
  • Special shadowy guest star: Satan himself!
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