Official Traumatizer :: The Bumble Snow Monster

bumbles bounce

Perennial yuletide special RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER features not only a cast of societal outcasts seeking to overcome their marginalized statuses, but also one of the most traumatizing creations to come ever out of the legendary RANKIN & BASS doll-mation factory. O.K., maybe the second most terrifying after Miss Lilly Lorraine, but the Bumble Snow Monster of the North (BUMBLE for short) has cut a pretty scaring swatch in the collective psyches of footed-pajama wearers across the world.

As if the verbal humiliation heaped on titular star RUDOLPH and his, closeted, aspiring dentist, pal HERMEY weren’t enough to make kids cry, the big ol’ nasty BUMBLE, with his google-y eyes, sharp teeth, and luxurious coat of white fur, makes ones of those dramatically unexpected, snowy entrances on par with the crazy scythe-wielding lady from CURTAINS. Just like any great horror antagonist, the BUMBLE has his own unique set of weaknesses: he sinks in water; he prefers pork to deer meat; and he is rendered powerless after having all of his teeth extracted by an effeminate, armchair dentist.

Based purely on the anecdotal evidence presented by Reader Miriam67’s comment, the BUMBLE is still striking terror in tiny viewers. Should you have a wee-one scared silly by this beast, please sit them and show them this ameliorative clip*:

*Is it just your AUNT JOHN or does the BENNY HILL theme make everything, how you say, all the more H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S? (And yes, I’m looking at you TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!)

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14 years ago

Aunt John, I must agree with you that everything is more hilarious with the Benny Hill Theme.
I found the Bumble terrifying as a child. The more I watched Rudolph; however, I noticed that the bottoms of the Bumble’s feet look like vinyl slippers. What was the Bumble supposed to do for food after his teeth were pulled out? Are Yukon and Hermey planning to blend up his meals for the rest of his life? I guess when you start asking yourself questions like that you have watched the special too many times.

14 years ago

I agree too…especially that “Simpsons” where Bart is being chased by the Grim Reaper, and it turns into a wacky “Benny Hill” chase, complete with Maggie chasing after GR with his scythe.

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I honestly can’t remember what my first thoughts of Bumble were, but I LOVE him so much now. I’d spoon feed  him applesauce if needed.

I know, I’m all giving and crap!

13 years ago

My niece is 7 and she’s been terrified of Bumble since she was 3….LOL.