Official Traumatot :: Carrie Henn

How is it that we were able to go for so long without honoring the incredible CARRIE HENN with an official TRAUMATOT award? Shame on Kindertrauma! Maybe it’s because ALIENS is such an exceptional sci-fi action film that we somehow overlook its identity as an extraordinary horror film as well. As Rebecca “Newt” Jordan, CARRIE had to face off not against one rogue maniac, but thousands of monstrous beings who make the standard slasher psycho seem positively civil!

And didn’t she bring the best out of our pal Ellen Ripley (SIGOURNEY WEAVER)? Sure, we already had an inkling of the Ripster’s macho-maternal instinct from the series first chapter. I mean she put her life on the line to make sure ginger-cat Jonsey was safely tucked into her escape pod. But what Ripley goes through to keep Newt safe from harm’s way in ALIENS is above and beyond any known call of duty! Knowing that Ripley’s own daughter had passed away from old age during the 57 years her and Jonsey were taking a cat-nap explains much, but I like to think she was also inspired by and related to Newt’s chutzpah and will to survive.

Actress CARRIE HENN decided early on to withdrawal from the movie world and so far, she has kept her word. I’d mourn the loss of the actress she might have been if I did not know she chose a much more noble profession to pursue- that of a teacher! Not only is she surround by little Newts of her own in the classroom, word has it that she’s a mom now too! Wherever you are CARRIE, Kindertrauma thanks you for your amazing indelible turn in ALIENS with this overdue TRAUMATOT award. We don’t care what ALIEN3 says, Newt lives!!!

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Professor Von Whiskersen
Professor Von Whiskersen
14 years ago

HA!  We say that line at work everytime someone says the word “Mostly.”

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I didn’t see the first three Alien movies until the 4th one was due to come out and my good friend insisted we have a marthon so I could be all caught up. Wow. Just wow. How had I gone all these years without having seen the first two films? I think Aliens is a great action film, although it obviously has got it’s share of horror and sci-fi as well. But still, it’s the non-stop rollercoaster ride of a film and that’s why I always liken it to that genre.

Newt was a great character – and I’m not big on kids, so that’s how you know she’s good. Glad to read that she is doing well and living a happy life!

What a great pick! This really makes me want to go home and watch this movie again. Well, this and the fact that Michael Biehn is in it!