Traumafessions :: Reader Mark B. on Busta Rhymes’ “Gimme Some Mo” Video

I had a cousin who was really into hip-hop and he got me into the music too when I was about 11 or 12. He had this one CD, Busta Rhymes’ When Disaster Strikes (1997), and I was really into it. I would claim to my friends that Busta was my favorite artist and I would watch MuchMusic when I could to see if any of his videos were on, (this was before YouTube).

One day we were watching MuchMusic, (RapCity or something), and then one of the videos from the album E.N.E., The Final Frontier (1998), came on called “Gimme Some Mo.” I was totally focused in on it.

The video is a parody of LOONEY TUNES and really weird. It starts off with Busta as a kid talking about how “he bumped his head.” From there his eyes start to dilate…and then start to swirl. Busta, as a kid, turns into this blue monster with yellow eyes and long teeth. Almost like a Japanese Hannya or something…but with these long dreads. This is when I started to get freaked out. It was the scene where he is chasing after his mom down a hallway and grabbing at her from behind a door…  that image gave me “the fear” before bed and a few nightmares.

I suggest you check it out, maybe you can relate to how this scared me as a kid.

UNK SEZ: Mark, at first I had no idea how a BUSTA RHYMES video could be scary but after viewing it, I see your point. Not only is the Busta gremlin-beastie a freakish image to behold, but the song samples the immortal BERNARD HERRMAN‘s opening theme for PSYCHO! I’m sold; this freaky video brings the trauma!

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Professor Von Whiskersen
Professor Von Whiskersen
14 years ago

The blue monster has a real Stanley Mouse/Ed Roth vibe to him.  

After I started watching the video I realized that I had flipped past it dozens of times, but I’d never noticed the blue monster Coolio.  I like to read stuff like this from people not in my age bracket.  Thanks Mark B.!