Official Traumatot :: Miko Hughes

Who is this mac daddy with the pimp cane? Why it’s MIKO HUGHES a.k.a. Gage Creed from PET SEMATARY. Who would deny this little fellow honorary traumatot status? Not me, I value my Achilles tendon! Our little friend is of Native American ancestry and his name MIKO actually means “Chief” in the Chickasaw language! At the tender age of three, when most child actors are using a twin for back up, MIKO delivered one devil of a dual performance. In the course of one film he goes from Cupid cute to cuckoo crazy with only a cursed-soil catnap in between, color us impressed!

But wait, MIKO was not quite finished with the world of horror just yet. In the 1994 film WES CRAVEN’s NEW NIGHTMARE he got a chance to stick it to Freddy Krueger himself when he played HEATHER LANGENKAMP’s son Dylan. That’s right, he actually got to kill the DON RICKLES of modern horror! Go MIKO! Wait a minute, didn’t he have to play in traffic in that movie as well? Was that some kind of sick joke or something?

In any case, MIKO who is now enjoying life as a D.J. more than deserves this notoriously priceless award. We’ll gladly deliver it to him, if he promises to stay out of the road!

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14 years ago

I remember seeing PET SEMETARY in the theater and thinking Miko was THE cutest baby I had ever seen. A few years later he had brown hair and was barely recognizable as an obnoxious classmate of Michelle’s on FULL HOUSE and I was like “Man, do I hate that kid!” not realizing it was the same kid. Hahaha.
Also worth mentioning is that Miko is one of those child stars that got screwed out of all his money by his Pops. Miko totally shoulda went “Pet Semetary” on Dad , chasing him around with a knife and saying “Now I wanna play with YOU!”

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

Is that true, that he got swindled by his own father?!? That’s horrible. No wonder he learned to kill so young.

I have to admit, he’s a cutie. He’s no Brian Bonsall, but so few are.

14 years ago

I saw it on on of those TOP CHILD STARS: WHERE ARE THEY NOW shows they play on VH1 or E!

He didn’t turn out as cute as one would assume by looking at his movies he made as a little kid but he’s okay. He’s really small and frail which I actually LIKE in a man. those small guys WORK harder if ya’ know what I mean (wink wink, nudge nudge). He’s no Wil Wheaton…but he’ll do in a pinch.

14 years ago

Miko is 22 now and about to bust out.  He’s starring in a huge film next year called CITY OF SHOULDERS AND NOSES .   I have some friends who are working on the film, who say Miko is going to blow everybody away in this film.  Wil Wheaton?  Please.  My sources tell me that Miko Hughes is about to ride a wave like Michael J. Fox did in the 1980s.  Watch out for the kid!

aunt john
14 years ago

According to my sources (cough, IMDb), the movie griffithpark is talking about also stars RUTH BUZZI, LOU FERRIGNO, & the lovely SYBIL DANNING. Can anyone really blow away that trifecta of talent?

I guess if anyone can, surely it is our boy MIKO!

14 years ago

He was also in “Kindergarten Cop” as the kid who kept telling Arnie that “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.”

Man, they learn so young…