Official Traumatot :: Oliver Robins

oliver robins

OLIVER ROBINS has the distinction of appearing in what may be the single most Kindertraumiest scene of all time. In POLTERGEIST when a certain clown puppet attacked Oliver’s character Robbie Freeling, Kindertrauma history was made. In fact, Robbie’s late night slumber difficulties spoke to an entire generation of tykes who looked to the screen and nodded knowingly. Sometimes Robbie’s fears were unfounded, like in the case of his sudden squeamishness toward his own Chewbacca t-shirt; other times they were more than warranted, like the time a tree came to life and yanked him out of his bedroom window. OLIVER ROBINS also happened to star in what is unequivocally one of the greatest television horror movies of all time DON’T GO TO SLEEP along with RUTH GORDON and megastar and HOGAN FAMILY dissident VALERIE HARPER. He meets a bad end, but perhaps not as bad as the sister he aided killing in a prank gone wrong that begins with tennis shoe laces being tied together and ends in an exploding car and a burned alive sibling. Add POLTERGEIST II: THE OTHER SIDE, and a highly regarded episode of the eighties version of THE TWILIGHT ZONE entitled “MONSTERS” into the mix, and you have a kid whose OFFICIAL TRAUMATOT status (unlike his parent’s choice of orthodontists) can never be questioned!!!

suck it valerie harper love sandy duncan

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14 years ago

You knocked me over with that “Hogan Family dissident…” line.

But you know what traumatized me?  That weirdo  eye of Sandy Duncan!

Corey Convex
14 years ago

Suck It, Harper!

Fucking brilliant! 

Oliver’s chompers always gave me the willies…

14 years ago

Oh Lord! VALERIES FAMILY/THE HOGAN FAMILY! LOL! Jeremy Licht was one of the sons in that (bottom row left) and he was such a cutie! He was also that terrible little Anthony kid in THE TWILIGHT ZONE MOVIE, making him a minor Trauma-Tot as well.

And – by the way – how fabulous was that DON’T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS for a TV movie? The Death Methods were so freakin’ WEIRD! Remember the little girl going after the family with a pizza cutter?? You heard me: A PIZZA CUTTER!!!! Now THATS originality!

14 years ago

He’s also the little kid in airplane 2 “He shot Scraps!!!”