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pet sematary

When I was a little kid, my teenage sister was a big STEPHEN KING fan. One of her favorite ways of tormenting her little brother was to chase me around the house with the cover of her paperback copy of Pet Sematary, which I was completely terrified of. For those unfamiliar with or don't remember, the original paperback featured a screaming ghastly-looking undead kitty pouncing forward at the reader. I'm not ashamed to admit that glancing at the cover still gives me little chills to this day.

UNKLE LANCIFER SEZ: Zack, thanks for the Traumafession! You just reminded me that my little brother had a terrible issue with a particular paperback himself, it was called The Devil And Ben Franklin and it tormented him whenever we stayed at our grandmother's house. It didn't help that grandma lived right next door to a cemetery (not the pet kind)! This is what Unkle Tomifer sez:

"I had to run to the bed when I turned out the lights. And I would be so mad at myself if I accidently saw it or thought of it before bedtime, because it ruined my night until I fell asleep!"

I can't really blame him, I mean, can you think of a scarier pair than the Devil and Ben Franklin? Eternal damnation is bad enough, but pairing it with a history lesson is just too cruel!

the devil and ben franklin

mangles, the kindertrauma bookworm

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15 years ago

My (older) brother was terrified of our uncle's Jethro Tull LP covers–probably Aqualung specifically. I had forgotten that until this excellent traumafession!

It's the little things that stick with you and scar you. 🙂

15 years ago

My (much) older sister had a room across the hall from me and I guess I used to snoop around in there. Well – Lesson Learned – Sometimes when you snoop you are punished with what you found – She had the book THE OMEN and the cover scared the crap out of me. It was just a picture of the kid who played Damien from the movie standing alone…but, yikes, that kid always scared the bejesus outta me. I don't know what posessed me to actually look IN the book but the middle had a black and white photos sections with scenes from the movie. I HATED this book and would stand in the hallway looking at my sister's door just KNOWING the book was in there. I told my best friend about it and one day she said "We have to DO something about it!"
We STOLE the book, took it to a park and threw it and ran.
I sometimes wonder who the unfortunate soul who FOUND it was.