Official Traumatot :: Randi Allen

RANDI ALLEN only appeared in one movie and it was called CATHY’S CURSE. If you’ve ever seen it you will have no questions about why she threw in the towel and gave up the biz for good. Although the movie’s problems are legion, it should be pointed out that RANDI is not really one of them. She easily act rings around the adult actors involved (then again how could she not). Still, not every child actor could deliver insults like, “Fat, dried up old whore” with such convincing malicious glee. As far as her post-CATHY life goes we have searched and come up empty handed. Wherever you are RANDI, with this award we apologize for the assumed nightmare that making this film must have been and we thank you for the countless hours of (torturous) entertainment you have provided us.

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14 years ago

Will her doll be honored at some point in the future? She owned that movie!

9 years ago

I showed this to my mom and it put a big smile on her face. Thank you so much for posting.