Re-Animated Funhouse

Help Herbert West re-animate the Funhouse! Find the 10 discrepancies!

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Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
8 years ago

The little white beaker on the bottom left has a different edge, with the beak smoothed out. Also, his pocket protector is missing the #2 pencil!

carol (@carol)
8 years ago

1. teeth
2. ‘s in lovecraft’s

wow – these two and amanda’s two are the only one’s i see. this one’s hard!

SlasherChick (@slasherchick)
8 years ago

One bubble in beaker of red stuff behind the mortar and pestle in #1 became two bubbles in second picture, in #2 little bump is missing on stopper of other bottle of red stuff, fourth finger of left hand added, teeth missing (second pic), pencil missing, edge of mortar smoothed out, apostrophe missing…

Damned if I can see any others. Good one!

crabbymoon (@crabbymoon)
8 years ago

one yellow test tube is slightly shorter and Herbert’s ear.