Name that Trauma:: Dustin in Minnesota on a Comic Book Pit

Greetings friends of all things creepy!

Here's one that hopefully one (or more) of you will be able to answer.

When I was growing up, I was a fan of horror comics. Although they would give me terrible nightmares, I would keep buying and reading them.

One of them that stands out in my mind I didn't buy, but found in my grandparents' attic. I am assuming it had belonged to one of my uncles. I am estimating this to have happened some time between 1977-81. I don't recall the title of the story or the comic in which it appeared, but I remember vague details from the story line. It involved a creepy house that the main character was curious about. In one of the panels toward the end of the story, it showed him standing outside of the house in the daytime, thinking about going inside. He finally did, and at the end he fell into a pit. I think the final frame showed him falling, his face either screaming or frozen in horror. There may have been a "spiral" he fell into — either that, or I'm confusing it with the intro to Lidsville. I am positive on him falling into a pit, though.

Do any of you horror comic fans know either the comic or the story title I'm semi-remembering?


Dustin in Minnesota

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10 years ago

I checked the link, and as interesting as that was — it wasn't it. The story involved a young boy. One of the panels was definitely him looking at the house from the outside during the daytime, which may have been when he went inside. It *may* have said something about it not looking as scary in daylight.

But at the very least, we're one closer to the title that is correct. Thanks for the input!