Sunday Streaming:: The Devil’s Rock (2011)

First off, allow me to thank our pal Chuckles72 for guiding me towards this movie on Netflix Streaming. I would have never watched it on my own accord because the poster art representing the flick (at least on Netflix) stinks. I know that sex sells but it grinds my gears when a dumb image is used to sell a smart movie because what better way to repel the people who might actually enjoy the film while also disappointing those who fell for your mislead? Unlike the advertising art, THE DEVIL’S ROCK is not about a sexy Nazi lady and my apologies to the actress in the film who does an excellent job of not slipping into Velveeta only to be photo-shopped swimming in it later. I also have to admit that adding to my aversion is the fact that I’m a hard sell when it comes to war movies. The way some folks feel about horror (Why would anyone choose to watch that?) is how I generally feel about war movies (with the lone exception of FULL METAL JACKET because…KUBRICK). I tell you this only to underline that Chuckles had his work cut out for him in swaying me but being aware of his exceptional taste based on his IAHTKY, I knew I had to trust him!

And he was right. THE DEVIL’S ROCK is a well-acted and bewitching occult thriller and I’m all for a movie being compact and dialogue-driven while still having zero qualms about letting the heads roll. Turns out as much as I hate me some Nazis, my interest cannot resist getting piqued when they are making the foolish mistake of dabbling in the black arts. I forgot all about the “RAIDERS” rule which is, Nazis are great…when their faces are melting off! THE DEVIL’S ROCK tells a tale that takes place on D-Day when two kiwi soldiers attempt to take over an island isolated German bunker only to find that most of its inhabitants have already been ripped to shreds. There is a beautiful woman chained to a wall and quicker than you can say SATAN’S TRIANGLE we are given the gist that she is much more than she seems. Since we’re talking about a streaming movie here, I’m loath to give much more away but comparisons never hurt do they? This movie reminded me a lot of THE KEEP in its themes and it also brought to my mind CLIVE BARKER’s HELLRAISER in its theatric sparseness and fascination with how deep into the pit some may be willing to go when evil uses love as bait. The acting really is exceptional and if you desire atmosphere, you’ll get a strong dose right from scene one. Check this one out and if you like it, remember, don’t thank me, thank Chuckles72!

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ozne (@ozne)
8 years ago

I enjoyed this movie and thought it was more original than a lot of the junk Hollywood is putting out on the market.

The Devil’s Rock would make a nice double feature with “Outpost: Black Sun”. Check it out if you can.

Chuckles72 (@chuckles72)
8 years ago

Thanks for the shout-out Unk, but I was just doing my duty to my fellow Kinderpals. Looks like Ozne has another recommendation, which is the whole point – one good recommend deserves another.