Rock ‘N’ Roll High School Funhouse!

Help Riff Randell find the ten differences in these two images!!!

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thenewbigwig (@thenewbigwig)
8 years ago

Well, I certainly leave my favorite movie go by uncommented.
“Hey, we’re not students….we’re the Ramones.”
1. Extra Exclaimation Point on sign.
2. Band name missing on Drum.
3. Globe arm support missing.
4. Bird above flag missing a wing.
5. Extra pocket in jacket liner.
6. Tie stripe angle is reversed.
7. P.J. has extra “wave” of long hair.
8. Bullseye missing from Johnny Ramone’s shirt.
9. Stripe on window pushing football player’s helmet different
10.Skateboard missing a stripe.

..and hope the new house is everything you hoped for!

thenewbigwig (@thenewbigwig)
8 years ago

‘can’t’ leave, that is….