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    O.K., I’m not a big fan of heist flicks. I don’t really care about who ends up with the money and it’s usually really frustrating to watch the money exchange hands for two hours just to end up destroyed at the end. I guess the lesson is “Don’t be greedy,” which I get, but Cyndi Lauper only took about three minutes to get that point across when she sang “Money changes everything.” Be all that, as it may, one way to get me to enjoy your heist movie is to add supernatural murderous scarecrows into the mix, that and a little puppy dog named Dax. SCARECROWS includes both the aforementioned plus an ELAYNE BOOSLER look-alike, and an impressive decapitation as well. The sound effects may be atrocious and the dialogue more so, but when push comes to shove SCARECROWS pushes back with a pitchfork and it pushes back hard. Is gore enough to save a movie? The simple answer is a resounding Y-E-S! SCARECROWS delivers more than just gore though. The beginning stinks and it’s just way too dark, but it’s got more than a couple surprises up its straw-filled sleeve. Just when you think it’s delivered its major high point, two others quickly follow. I admit during the big fight scenes, the punches sound cartoon ridiculous but hey, you knew these guys where working on a limited budget the first time you saw a fake-as-hell explosion. As far as the ever growing killer scarecrow sub-genre goes, this rates pretty high. It’s gruesomely relentless and although seriously shoddy in places, enough blood is spilt to justify it and its never quite explained title creatures’ existence. 

    indelible scenes

    • Yelling “Pennies from heaven!” and getting a face full of blood
    • Wrist saw-ers: A love story
    • You can’t go wrong with a talking severed head!
    • “Hey Paco…it’s me.”
    • Cigar chomper gets sickled after getting stuck in fence
    • Dad’s final appearance in the plane followed by more hand grenade play and hilariously badly dubbed screaming
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    11 years ago

    if anything, have a listen to Terry Plumeri’s score to this film.