Traumafessions :: Reader Frost on Return of the Living Dead



Oh sweet Jesus! what kind of demented individual designed this prop of prepubescent terror? I was an active lad of about 7 years old in 1985, when this film was released. Getting dirty with my Matchbox cars, playing on the rail road tracks, and attempting to get our neighbor’s daughter to play doctor. VCRs were something of a rare novelty back in those days, and so it was destined to be; a Curtis Mathis shop opened up, in the humble little town where I lived. They sold VCRs, and rented VHS tapes; Ingenious! My father surprised us all one day, with a brand new VCR, and 3 movies: IT’S ALIVE, C.H.U.D., and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. With that milestone of change in my childhood, began my long, disturbing, depraved, and unhealthy fixation with horror movies. It was with the 3rd film we watched, that the single most disturbing image I have ever seen (besides the Joanie Laurer porn video) was burned into my retinas and into my soul, forever. He lunged out, trying to eat the brains of a group of spray painted misfits…He was the infamous zombie, known in the horror world, as TARMAN

Unkle Lancifer sez: Thanks Frost, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is definitely one of the greats and “Tarman” is damn traumatizing! The one scene that always got to me is that re-animated split anatomy doggie model. I’m not sure how or if it could hurt me but that was seriously screwed up! 


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14 years ago

A whole Traumafession about RotLD and absolutely NO mention of Leanna Quigley as “Trash” and her Barbie Doll buhgina?

I call shenanigans!

14 years ago

I meant “Linnea Quigley,” of course. 🙁