Sorority Row

SORORITY ROW has been jerking me back and forth for over a year now and not in a good way. When I found out there was to be a remake of THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW I was duly excited, it’s a slasher film with a unique, worthy plot and a psycho killer with bucket loads of untapped potential. When I learned it was to be one of those “in name only” dealies with little in common with its source material, out went the wind from my sails. Next up I learned that the director was to be WHISPER’s STEWART HENDLER and I allowed myself the luxury of hope once again. That hope was quickly squashed by the news that an escapee from THE HILLS was to be in the cast. And so it went back and forth and back again, the trailer looked cool, the poster looked lame, the pimped out tire iron was awesome, the hooded killer uninspired. C’mon SORORITY ROW make up your mind are you gonna suck or what? There was only one way to find out what SORORITY’s intentions were. I was gonna have to shell out some cash and sit my ass down in the theater.

As it so happens the whole flirting with greatness only to lazily fall back on the humdrum routine seems to be SORORITY ROW’s basic nature (Don’t cha just hate a tease?) For every clever slice of dialogue or innovative set piece, there is a matching missed opportunity or unnecessary misstep. As the film started I realized that if it was going to be a rehash of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER that I was in for a long 90 minutes but then by golly, SORORITY slowly but surely gained my trust and respect. I was in hog heaven there for a while before it decided to crap out unnecessarily at the end by identifying the killer as the most boring person in the cast with a motivation so flimsy that even KEVIN WILLIAMSON would wince.

It’s sad really, SORORITY has a great look, some reasonable shocks and a mostly likable cast that I could tell apart from each other (it even has the classy decency to throw in a cameo from the cane weapon utilized in the original film), but even though I’ve withstood far more outlandish killer identity reveals (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME) for some reason this one seemed just too typical and even beneath the film I had come to enjoy. Yes SORORITY, you won me over in spite of myself only to trample on my heart for no good reason. Please tell me that you are hiding an alternative ending on your DVD!

Oh, S.R. how can I stay mad at you just because you goofed up in the final lap? You’ve got good ol’ CARRIE FISHER roaming about for Christ sakes. How can anybody not appreciate Hollywood royalty that has made the amazing life journey of going from every straight boy’s fantasy woman to a bloated cranky mentally unstable curmudgeon i.e. every gay boys fantasy woman. Sorry dudes she’s ours now, if it makes you feel any better we have to live with the painful reality that BRUCE WILLIS only had female children to bequeath his lantern jaw to…

Aw, RUMER! I know I’m not supposed to like you but I do! I think you did a great job in this movie considering you had to cry and run around like a headless chicken throughout. Strangely it seems BRIANA EVIGAN the film’s lead is the true inheritor of your mother’s raspy voice though. I like this BRIANA kid too, I thought she was a stand out in the otherwise forgettable S.DARKO, plus I’m now all kinds of Jimmy Tickles jazzed that she’s going to be in the new MOTHER’S DAY jaunt. Speaking of Hollywood royalty, check out that last name again, BRIANA is B.J. AND THE BEAR’s loin fruit!

O.K. SORORITY, I’m gonna give you a passing grade with reservations, you had a groovy bubble death scene, a rockin’ frat party with good tunes and you crammed a bottle down a victim’s throat. To ask any more of you is just gluttony on my part. Just next time, please don’t underestimate the power of a creepy harlequin costume O.K.?

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Vince Liaguno
13 years ago

Sometimes I swear we were separated at birth!

Jeff Allard
13 years ago

Yeah, the reveal of the killer is just ass. But the rest of the film is such good fun that overall, I give it high marks.

13 years ago

The fact that I, a bloated, cranky, mentally unstable curmudgeon could be ANYBODY’S fantasy is disturbing me much more than any part of this movie could. Seriously!