Stream Warriors: Cold Prey, Suspended Animation & Spellbinder

UNK SEZ: It’s time for that new feature that tells you for better or for worse the stuff your Unk finds appealing on Netflix streaming!

COLD PREY (2006)

I may have mentioned my love for 2006’s COLD PREY (FRITT VILT) a couple zillion times before but I’m going do it again because now is the perfect time of year to watch it and right now it is on Netflix Streaming. All right it’s the dubbed version, which is not preferable, but I doubt you will care a lick in the end. COLD PREY illustrates everything the slasher film is still capable of achieving if given half a chance; it’s thrilling, provides the scares and delivers a believable human element as well. In my book, lead INGRID BOLSO BERDAL as Jannicke is worthy of walking the same horror halls as biggies WEAVER and CURTIS. Geez, just talking about it makes me want to watch it again and I’ve seen it at least a half dozen times. It’s just one of those reliable movies that gets better the more you visit it. Seriously if you’re a fan of old school slashers, it’s a crime to miss this one and don’t even get me started on the equally sharp COLD PREY 2. More HERE!


Holy crap, this movie is already ten years old, how’d that happen? I feel a smidge sorry for this one, its title must throw people off and its advertising art is a bit useless. Wait I get it, this is one of those hard to categorize films and so everybody wants to beat it up. Directed by JOHN D. HANCOCK, who was swell enough to concoct LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH, this is a movie that changes major gears mid way through and perhaps that can be blamed for some viewers’ frustration. The set up will have many anticipating a WRONG TURN meets MISERY flick but instead we dive into the aftermath of violent crime and the obsessive reaction of a victim trying to process what they’ve experienced. It’s a sharp turn but I personally enjoyed not knowing where I was being led and was truly shocked by one of the film’s surprises. Also it’s got scary old ladies in it which always works for me and it stars that guy from the PAPA DON’T PREACH video who murdered everybody in WILLIAM FRIEDKIN’s RAMPAGE. If you’re the type who enjoys psychological thrillers just as much as straight-on horror, this one is unusual enough (and snowy enough) to be well worth the trip.


I’m so happy to see this one available on Netflix Streaming because it never made it to DVD and I want all my fellow humans to see it. This movie just perfectly captures the frivolous spirit of late night eighties cable viewing to me and it brings to mind all the fine couches and remote controls I have known in my life. From what I can tell the way that cats feel about tuna is how I feel about witch-cult movies and finding a post seventies witch cult movie is a joy in and of itself. I’m enamored with the entire cast and although this is miles from a success in the serious scares department, it is always fun and dark-camp entertaining. Maybe it’s trash but life without trash is garbage. I was wondering if I could get through this recommendation without mentioning AUDRA LINDLEY and I guess the answer to that is no, I can’t. Read more HERE!

Now it’s that time again to close out the show with a smash pop hit!

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11 years ago

I’m loving this new feature of yours! Turning me on to things I’d missed and reminding me of things I’d forgotten.
Spellbinder is a movie that I’d had bumping around in the back of my head lately (that scene of all the witches at the window) but couldn’t remember the name of.
Suspended Animation was unexpectedly great and completely off my radar despite my undying love for Jessica.

Unfortunately I’ve yet to breach the yawning chasm of hatred I have for bad dubbing and give Cold Prey a chance… I might have to just be patient and send for the DVD.