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1952’s DON’T BOTHER TO KNOCK is one of those films that I truly love. Any movie that would feature the greatest cinematic sex goddess of all time as a deranged babysitter is aces in my book. Marilyn Monroe was still in the early stages of her career when she landed the role of Nell Forbes, a young woman recently released from an institution due to a failed suicide attempt. When Nell lands a job as a sitter for a couple in an upscale hotel, all is well, until she catches the eye of a lovelorn guest and starts flirting with him. What’s so mesmerizing about this thriller is the way Monroe morphs from a seemingly naive young lady, to a simmering sex pot, to a full-on loon in minutes. Whoever claimed that Norma Jean Baker was not a good actress, has never seen this film.

For sheer chills alone, the scenes with Marilyn and the little girl she is watching (Donna Corcoran) are not to be missed – Monroe’s seething intensity when terrorizing the child is nothing short of unnerving.

Knowing what we know now about Monroe and her lifelong struggles with depression, much of DBTK is disturbing on a whole other level. A terrific cast rounds out this one including Jim Backus, Richard Widmark, and a very young, very gorgeous Anne Bancroft.

Director David Kittredge‘s PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER is a David Lynch-like nightmare of a film about a gay porn model who vanished in the mid ’90s, and a present day writer trying to piece together the mystery of the missing skin flick star. With nods to Vanilla Sky, Eyes Wide Shut and Mulholland Drive , Pornography: A Thriller demands the viewer watch closely and hold on tight as they are dropped down a rabbit hole into a world of double (and triple) identities, voyeurism, and insanity.

As puzzling and manic as the story-line becomes, the piece holds together due to some terrific acting and brilliant directing. Honestly, I’ve watched this film several times, and every time I do, I see something new and find another clue to the mystery. If you’d like to read my original review, you can find it HERE!

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Jami JoAnne Russell
11 years ago

Well, since NetFlix apparently has to ship Billy The Kid VS Dracula from another state I just put Don’t Bother To Knock on my list & moved it to #1. Thanks. I didn’t know Monroe did anything other then rom-coms.

Amanda By Night
11 years ago

I remember catching Don’t Bother to Knock on late night television one weekend when I was a teenager. I was like “WTF?” And no one I spoke to had heard of this movie… It wasn’t until years later I even knew the name of it.

It’s got a very young Elisha Cook who plaed Icepick on Magnum P.I., and I think that’s originally what got my interest. I know, I have many loyalties with Magnum.

11 years ago

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