Streaming Alert! :: Black Death (2010)

BLACK DEATH is one seriously hearty, satisfying movie. Damn everybody who has already seen it and neglected to demand I do the same. It is set during a nasty time period when nobody could get cable television but they could get the Bubonic plague. A young monk trapped in a love triangle with a beautiful girl and God joins up with a group of soldiers lead by the excellent SEAN BEAN in search of a rumored village where folks are fancy with necromancy and can resurrect the dead.

BLACK DEATH could be described as a horror adventure. I hesitate to reveal anything more because a marvelous part of the experience involves imagining what might lie on the path ahead. My only advice is to keep an open mind and to try to see things from as many sides as possible because it really thickens the broth of this stew. I don’t know (or care) how accurate it may be, but I do know it’s rub-your-eyes gorgeous often, exciting as hell in places, and ultimately surprisingly profound. I plan to write Valentines to all involved.

BLACK DEATH was directed by CHRISTOPHER SMITH, (CREEP, SEVERANCE, TRIANGLE) an accelerating talent who has yet to disappoint me. Because it concerns religion an added bonus is that once the film is done, you can go on to its IMDb message board and marvel at the wide variety of interpretations from brilliant to batshit crazy. Trust me, it may look like homework but it tastes like a feast and I guarantee this Netflix Streaming pick is better than anything playing in your local theater. Trust me, I’m not kidding. Watch it!

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christine (@christine)
10 years ago

I bought this nearly a month ago and have been sitting on it – waiting on the perfect time to sit down and watch it because I know it will demand my full attention.
I love Sean Bean and would watch him watch paint dry. He is so awesome in these types of roles! So glad to hear this one is worthwhile…

Pinchy (@pinchy)
10 years ago

I’ve also been putting off watching this. It’s good to see that it’s earned the Kindertrauma seal of approval. Maybe I’ll watch it today……

bdwilcox (@bdwilcox)
10 years ago

I rented this on a whim from Redbox and was blown away how good it was. I never really thought of recommending it because everyone I recommended it to previously either: a) never heard of it b) thought I was crazy and/or c) gave me that “yeah, yeah, I’ll watch it” look which means they had already forgotten the title.

Oddly, it never occurred to me that this was a horror movie. I always considered it a psychological thriller. But watching it for the first time without any background made it soooo much better because my preconceived notions of this type of movie told me it was going in one typical, trite direction and then it looped around and tapped me on the other shoulder.

Totally fantastic, totally unpredictable, totally unappreciated. I can die happy now knowing this one is getting the recognition it deserves.

Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke (@dylan-donnie-duke)
10 years ago

Great call Unk! We just watched per your recommendation, and loved it.
Perhaps it is from knowing the history, but I always find myself siding with the Pagans in these types of films. I’ll always prefer a witch seducing a friar to a witch over a fire. And the little twist with this particular witch was a tasty morsel.
*Spoiler Alert*
The little pepperings of the fragile mental status of the friar throughout the film made the ending very satisfying. Definitely doesn’t go in the direction expected, but once it ends I can’t see his character doing any other thing.
*End Spoiler*
Thanks again for the heads up on this one. Made for a fantastic family 4th of July Eve.