Streaming Alert: Jean Rollin

Lo and behold, all of the sudden there’s a whole slew of JEAN ROLLIN films springing up on Netflix streaming and this is your heads up! Titles include REQUIM FOR A VAMPIRE, THE NUDE VAMPIRE, NIGHT OF THE HUNTED, TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES, DEMONIACS, THE LIVING DEAD GIRL, SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES, THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE and LIPS OF BLOOD. So yeah, lot’s of vampires.

Now, I have only checked out a couple of these in my day and mostly on fallible bootleg VHS. I can tell you that LIVING DEAD GIRL is a good starting place and I admit to being fond of the seaside local and stripey shirts of DEMONIACS. Like many prolific artists, ROLLIN has his highs and lows but no one can ever accuse him of not having a personal vision. Sometimes he is breathtakingly poetic and sometimes he is frustratingly nonsensical, either way he’s admirably or consistently himself. If nude ladies tune your fork you just stumbled on a goldmine but I think all horror fans should stick their toe in ROLLIN’s esoteric pool at least once. It might not be your cup a tea but that doesn’t mean ya shouldn’t take a sip!

To learn more about the late JEAN ROLLIN (he passed away just this past December) check out his official home on the web HERE!

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12 years ago

Unless you speak french fluently, you might be frustrated with “Rape of the Vampire”. The streaming version doesn’t have subtitles.

So far, I’ve only seen “Grapes of Death”, which I loved, and “Zombie Lake”, which was wretched. Hard to believe the same person made those two films, just a couple years apart.

Michael Williams
12 years ago

Thanks for the heads up; I had long been a fan without having seen any of the actual movies. Fortunately, I have found a couple in various places and love them all. They are all quite stunning visually, and also stunning for the audacity of their narrative style.
Heads up about Rape of the Vampire, subtitles won’t help.