Sunday Movie:: The Video Dead (1987) (Via Comet TV)

There is no reason to leave the house today! There is nothing out there in the sun. As long as you have popcorn for popping you should be all set. You see, the generous folks at COMET TV are showing THE VIDEO DEAD at 4! Let me tell you, THE VIDEO DEAD is a true one of a kind flick. It’s sometimes legit creepy, sometimes legit hilarious and all the time legit charming. It’s never stingy with the gore and the surprisingly impressive special effects and some of the ghouls shambling about have some serious personality (wait till you meet the bride)! There’s a sweet homegrown backyard feel to this 1987 straight to video release but it runs at a good clip and features more creative set pieces than a dozen Hollywood productions. Mostly, it’s just pure unadulterated eighties-style fun and the fact that writer/director ROBERT SCOTT never went on to make another horror movie is a crime against the undead. Check out this suburban nightmare on your computer (at 4) HERE or rumor has it you can now find COMET TV on that newfangled ROKU device! What will they think of next? COMET has me feeling like I’m reliving the glorious UHF days of my youth (aw, channel 48 how I miss you!). I’ll be watching on my rabbit ear set with the glow in dark skull on top as it is the most likely to have a zombie pop out of it!

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6 years ago

A film that boasts an Amy Saderis, Tom Towles, and David Bowie zombie deserves so much more love. I love The Video Dead so much that in 2002 I drew the cover of the VHS box onto a bed sheet in order to make a beach blanket. A fiend and I also toyed with the idea of creating our own pre-Monster Mania horror movie convention, headlined by a Video Dead reunion. To my knowledge, the only person that was totally on board with the idea was Jennifer Miro. The main star, Rocky Duvall, hadn’t seen the movie in years and was concentrating on teaching at an acting school. It fell through because of financial reasons. Anyway, The Video Dead is an underrated classic.