Sunday Movie:: Train to Busan (2016) (Via Netflix Streaming)

We’re having some technical difficulties (gremlin outbreak) so today’s Sunday streaming recommendation will be short and sweet. If you have NETFLIX (and why would anybody not?), you must promise your old pal Unk that you will watch the South Korean end of the world zombie nightmare movie TRAIN TO BUSAN! Even if you think you’ve seen it all before in the zombie outbreak arena, I can assure you that TRAIN TO BUSAN will blow that notion out of your mind. It’s all kinds of thrilling and suspenseful for sure but it also packs a surprisingly gargantuan wallop in the emotional department as well. No, those were not tears streaming down my face at the end of the movie; I just had something in my eye! Even if you don’t usually seek out subtitled movies, please make an exception in this case. I guarantee shortly you’ll be way too wrapped up in the action to notice. If you need more enticement you can check out the trailer HERE but I’d jump on board knowing as little as possible if I were you. This is a keeper, folks! Make sure you don’t miss it!

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6 years ago

You can also buy this for 99 cents at Amazon Video & the Google Play store right now. I picked it up on Amazon the other day after hearing so many good things about it. Haven’t had time to watch yet, though.

Tommy V
6 years ago

I really loved it too. I had a similar response in being amazed that there are still great zombie stories to be told.

Also, The Girl With All The Gifts is worth watching too, though not quite to the level of Busan.