Sunday Streaming:: Dear Dead Delilah (1972)

The picture quality of this copy of DEAR DEAD DELILAH leaves something to be desired. Hey, at least it’s “overexposed, scratchy horrendous” rather than “millionth generation murky ghost horrendous”! What are you gonna do? It’s the only version available and chances are more than likely that it’s going to stay that way. DVD companies are far too busy putting out the trillionth edition of something you already have five copies of to concern themselves with something like this! DEAR DEAD is weird, scraggly and hokey as hell. Not everybody is going to care for it. The cool thing is that if you just watch five minutes of it, you’ll be able to determine whether the screechy song it’s singing is for you or not. Rough as it is around the edges, JOHN (THE FURY) FARRIS’ underappreciated proto-slasher does contain some spectacularly gruesome murders, not to mention an above par cast and some rather unforgettable closing credits. Watch below and for more gush-yapping, read my full review HERE!

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